Lokprabha, a weekly Marathi magazine, came into being 32 years ago. It carries extensive and in-depth coverage of topics, ranging from social to political, cultural to educational and many more.

Lokprabha is seen as the only magazine that symbolises Maharashtra in its true form. In-depth scrutiny is at the heart of of Lokprabha. As loyal readers know, it’s only here that you get an actual analysis of any situation.

Over the years, Lokprabha has received several honours from state organizations. The new initiative by Lokprabha is its foray into the youth segment where it has launched ‘Uthful’ - a fortnightly section dedicated to the youth of today and their trends.

Website : www.loksatta.com/lokprabha
A few interesting topics covered in Lokprabha over the years are: » The first magazine to expose the gang wars of Mumbai.
» In-depth analysis on terrorism and on the bravery of our India soldiers.
» Also covering the lives of these soldiers on the border right up till the Siachen glacier.
» Lokprabha addressed the issue of politicization of the 26/7 Mumbai rains last year in their August, 2005 issue. How media handled the entire disaster & the misrepresentation of it.
» Mumbai train blasts have also been covered extensively
» Mumbai 50years back and now & how it has changed

Keeping readers abreast on current issues, analysis, trends and much more is what Lokprabha is all about.

EVENTS ORGANISED – LOKPRABHA 8th May 2006 – Lokprabha -Photography as a career-Seminar
The seminar focused on the very basics of photography like how to handle a camera & buying the right kind of camera to the various techniques, lenses used for various types of photography.
Speakers: Vinayak Pawaskar, Dr. Rajeev Verma
Mr Vinayak Pawaskar is a well-known photographer who is working towards development of photography in India & Dr Rajeev Verma is a Micro Photography expert.

12 May to 22 May 2006 - Lokprabha -Sikkim Shoot at Sight
Participants were taken to Sikkim as a part of the event. Free Guidance on Photography was given before leaving for the tour. Photo Exhibition was also organized of the photos taken by the participants.
Organised in association with Milestone Enterprise

26 May –30 May 2006 - Lokprabha -Photography as a career-Workshop
This 5 day workshop was organized in association with Milestone Enterprise. The workshop covered:
26 May 2006 Basic Photography
27 May 2006 Introduction Film & Digital camera's and lenses
28 May 2006 Composition
29 May 2006 Lighting (Natural, Flash, Artificial Light Theary)
30 May 2006 Digital Photography (Pixel, Resolution )
The event was a success and was conducted by Mr Vinayak Pawaskar of Milestone Enterprises

Every Ganesh Chaturthi Lokprabha packages the Siddivinayak prasad along with its ganesh special issue.
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