Screen was launched in 1951 in response to an acute need of the film industry – the need for authentic and engaging reportage on happenings in tinsel town. In the next decade, the paper established itself as the only cinema bulletin covering every aspect of filmmaking. It has remained indispensable for both the film fraternity as well as for film buffs.

Soon, Screen became the paper both the government and film bodies looked to for guidance and endorsement. The only paper that film distributors all over the country relied on to purchase rights of under-production films. Till today, the film fraternity feels that launches and premieres are incomplete without a prior mention in Screen.

In 1998, an eight-page supplement devoted to TV and music was added to the film section. Screen now evolved to call the shots in the television and music world as well.

In 1994, the Screen Awards were launched. Structured on the lines of the Oscars, they are the film industry’s only and complete jury awards and are one of the Group’s strongest properties today. The Awards have since grown to being the biggest and one of the most looked forward to events of Bollywood. Further, the telecast of the event records the highest 10 point TRPs in the events category.

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