The Business Publications Division

The Business Publications Division empowers business sectors by publishing some of the finest B2B journals in the country.

The division also owns some of the top print media brands across four vertical segments: Technology, Healthcare, Travel & Hospitality and Textiles.

Express Computer - With a circulation of more than 61,000 copies, Express Computer is one of the leading IT publications in the country. It counts among its readers Chief Technology Officers, Software Professionals and Senior Management and has successfully met the information needs of diverse vertical IT communities.

Technology Network Magazine - A specialised publication for the Technology sector, Network Magazine enables the deployment, evaluation & management of enterprise IT infrastructure. This monthly magazine has a circulation of 31,500 and is a source of knowledge for a number of Networking Professionals, MIS & Technology Management Consultants.

Healthcare Express Pharma - Often considered the final word in the healthcare industry, this weekly magazine is a leading source of information for professionals in the pharmaceutical and allied industries.

Express Healthcare Management - This fortnightly is an excellent source of quality business information for healthcare professionals.

Hospitality Express Hospitality - This fortnightly is the staple diet of the Indian Hospitality industry.

Express Travel & Tourism - Indian travel and tourism wouldn't be the same without this premier publication. It acts as a comprehensive source of commercial information for the Indian travel business fraternity.

FE Business Traveller - As the name suggests, this monthly magazine is an ever-reliable source of information for todayís discerning business traveler. Be it management professionals to businessmen, FE Business Traveller is the trustworthy business companion by their side.

Textiles Express Textile - If thereís one magazine where the different aspects of textiles have been woven together with skill, itís Express Textile. It is the ultimate source of information on the industry for ministers, managers, academics and industry people.

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