The Sunday Express

In four years, since it was launched in 2002, The Sunday Express has redefined Sunday reading in India. Without sacrificing on the news, the weekly edition delivers the perfect combination of people and personalities, events and entertainment, business and books. With a host of news-making personalities, star writers and columnists such as Soli Sorabjee, Taveleen Singh and Sudheendra Kulkarni speaking their minds through exclusive columns.

"The Sunday Story" is an exclusive on the burning issues of the week, complete with interviews, analysis and photos, whereas Black and White is a unique two-page, photo-heavy spread that brings together facts, opinions and prognostications on a burning story of the day.

The reportage also includes the best stories from editions across the country and behind-the-scenes reporting from the largest network of reporters and editors.

The Sunday Express EYE, originally conceived as a back-of-the-book section, is today the first choice of readers in search of insightful articles. It is one section that covers all, from entertainment and lifestyle to technology and health.

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Key Milestones » India’s true multi-edition national newspaper
» Has 10 editions all over west and north India
» One weekly edition each for the USA and Canada that reach out to people of Indian origin in North America; the US edition has two local Newslines to cater exclusively to Indian Americans in the Tri-state area and the West Coast.
» True national reach (associate concern The New Indian Express has 14 editions across south India.)
» Has the largest network of correspondents spread all over India from Guwahati to Goa, from Kashmir to Kerala
» The only national newspaper to publish from the state of Jammu & Kashmir, has the largest bureau for any national newspaper in
» Know for aggressive, bold and pro-active reporting, reports that make impact, change policies and make a difference to lives
» A tradition of courage, now 75-years old
» Reputation built on integrity, honesty and fierce independence
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